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3-D films

Use for: 3D films, Stereoscopic films, Three-dimensional films

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Use for: Ak, Chongmyo cheryeak, Jongmyo jeryeak

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Use for: Abecedarii

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Abridgments (1)

Use for: Abridged books, Abridgements, Book digests, Condensations, Condensed books

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Abstract films

Use for: Abstract animation films, Abstract live action films, Concrete films, Nonobjective films, Nonrepresentational films

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Use for: Compendia, Compendiums, Compends, Epitomes, Précis, Publication summaries, Summaries of publications, Synopses (Abstracts)

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Academic theses

Use for: Academic dissertations, Bachelor's theses, Diploma theses, Dissertations, Academic, Doctoral dissertations, Doctoral theses, Graduate dissertations, Graduate theses, Honors theses, Honours theses, Licentiate dissertations, Licentiate theses, Master's dissertations, Master's theses, Ph. D. dissertations, Ph. D. theses, Senior projects, Senior theses, Theses, Academic, Undergraduate theses

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Acclamations (Music) 0 0
Accompaniments (Music) 0 0
Account books

Use for: Accounting journals, Accounting ledgers, Books of account, Journals, Accounting, Ledgers, Accounting

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Acid jazz

Use for: Club jazz

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Acrostics (Poetry) (1)

Use for: Acrostic poetry

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Acrostics (Puzzles) (1)

Use for: Acrostic puzzles, Word squares

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Acting editions

Use for: Acting versions

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Action and adventure comics

Use for: Action-adventure comics, Action comics, Adventure comics

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Action and adventure fiction (1)

Use for: Action fiction, Adventure fiction, Swashbuckler fiction, Swashbucklers (Fiction)

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Action and adventure films (2)

Use for: Action-adventure films, Action films, Action movies, Adventure and action films, Adventure films, Adventure movies, Angélique films, Bourne films, Die Hard films, Flash Gordon films, Indiana Jones films, James Bond films, Tarzan films, Terminator films

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Action and adventure plays

Use for: Action-adventure plays, Action and adventure drama, Action plays, Adventure plays

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Action and adventure television programs (2)

Use for: Action television programs, Adventure and action television programs, Adventure television programs

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Activity books (1)

Use for: Activity booklets

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Actualities (Motion pictures)

Use for: Actualités (Motion pictures), Actuality films

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Adaptations (8) 0 0
Administrative decisions

Use for: Administrative agency decisions, Administrative opinions, Administrative rulings (Decisions), Agency decisions, Decisions, Administrative, Opinions, Administrative, Regulatory agency decisions, Rulings, Administrative (Decisions)

0 0
Administrative regulations

Use for: Administrative agency regulations, Administrative codes, Administrative rules (Regulations), Codes, Administrative, Delegated legislation, Instruments, Statutory, Legislation, Subordinate, Legislation, Subsidiary, Quasi-legislation, Regulations, Administrative, Rules, Administrative (Regulations), Rules and orders, Statutory, Statutory instruments, Statutory rules and orders, Subordinate legislation, Subsidiary legislation

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Advent music 0 0
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